Involuntary Servitude

To Every American

If this healthcare bill is passed by the congress, we will all be owned by the United States Federal Government and essentially enslaved to the United States Federal Government. We will no loner be a free society of free people. We will now be forced to labor to pay for health insurance or have the wrath of our new slave masters come down upon us.

If we choose to live free of our government we will be fined and/or shackled like slaves and put into cages by our new slave masters the United States Federal Government.

Last I heard there was a law against slavery and that President Lincoln had signed into law the emancipation proclamation freeing all slaves from there slave owners.

So how can this bill be legal I ask all of you now free people of these United States?

How can we enslave ourselves to our very own Federal Government that finds slavery unconstitutional? Involuntary servitude, I am a free man I cannot and will not be owned by anyone!

I say stand up and fight the tyranny of this congress and the oppression for which they are trying to bestow upon the free citizens of these United States of America.

Where is our Supreme Court? Do the Justices not see the unconstitutionally of this?

Why have they not challenged this? Why must they let this become law before acting? Why do they not intercede to question the constitutionality of passing such a bill into law?

The biggest question then is once this becomes law where does the line get drawn for anything else the United States Federal Government wants to impose on this free society?

It seems to me the government has trespassed it self so far in to the lives of the American people that there is no freedom left in any aspect of our lives. We are not able to truly own anything in our lives anymore. The Federal Government now has control of every aspect of our daily lives.

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